NLE Choppa Says His Baby Mama Won’t Let Him See His Child!!

NLE Choppa is claiming that his baby mama Mariah will not let him see their daughter, Clover.

“I’m posting to simply clear my name cause I feel it’s the narrative painted of me that ain’t true and it eats me up inside. Not for somebody to side with me or for views or a like I actually care about my character. A kid simply wanna be in his child life that’s it,” he tweeted.

Mariah may be holding back because he allegedly shot up Mariah’s home while their daughter was inside back in 2020.

“Clearly say before and those were past actions that’ll never happen again ever in life I’ve grown so much I respect women to much to even up a gun on a lady honestly,” he tweeted.

He added, “Im miserable but having my baby kept away was pre meditated also them false charges that I beat. But I’m the bad guy. Seen my daughter 3 times since she was born she going on 2 only time I’ve seen her is if it was COURT ORDERED but I’m the bad guy.”

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