NLE Choppa Says He’d Quit Rap Before Getting The Vaccine


NLE Choppa says he would quit rap if it meant he had to take the vaccine.

Choppa took to Twitter to defend Kyrie Irving who is refusing to receive the vaccine which means he will be missing a lot of games.

“Stand on it king @KyrieIrving,” NLC Choppa tweeted. “F*ck all jobs, schools, and sport teams who are forcing people to take vaccines. When will we realize we are the need without us there’s no them. I don’t mind people taking the vaccine but for the people who refuses to take it how is it right for them to be jobless.”

He also wrote, “I’ll be damn if I had to take a vaccine to make music on god y’all wouldn’t hear another song from me.”

Irving will miss out on approximately $381,000 per game. If he misses all 41 home contests, it would be $15.6 million of his $34.9 million salary. 

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