NLE Choppa: People Compare Me To Michael Jackson & Tupac!!

Rapper NLE Choppa says he gets compared to Michael Jackson and Tupac by his fans.

“Uh, I don’t know, I feel like I get a lotta Michael Jackson ’cause the type of energy I bring. Somebody said I look like him, I don’t know. And I get Tupac, too, ’cause what I stand for, what type of principles I stand for outside of music. With me, it’s not about the music all the time, it’s about who I can impact. Who life I can [change],” he told Power 106.

Weeks back, Choppa took to Twitter to defend Kyrie Irving who is refusing to receive the vaccine which means he will be missing a lot of games.

“Stand on it king @KyrieIrving,” NLC Choppa tweeted. “F*ck all jobs, schools, and sport teams who are forcing people to take vaccines. When will we realize we are the need without us there’s no them. I don’t mind people taking the vaccine but for the people who refuses to take it how is it right for them to be jobless.”

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