NLE Choppa Now Trying To Reverse Autism, Dwarfism After Success Of BBL Blend


NLE Choppa says he now wants to find a blend to cure Autism and Dwarfism after he claimed to have created a blend that gives women a BBL, naturally.

“Since my BBL Blend is such a success, currently I’m looking for things to reverse autism, Dwarfism, Down syndrome, and many other disorders,” Choppa tweeted. “A lot of people asking for herbs for there height I’m going to look into that.”

People on Twitter do not believe that Choppa’s blends would work.

“The fact y’all think this is impossible, the fact y’all think I’m joking, the fact that y’all opinions bothers me, give me all the fuel to show a bitch. WATCH ME WORK !! could be selling percs, fentanyl, weed, lean ETC. Instead this what I’m dedicated to in my off time, HELPING.”

His BBL blend has been selling.

“BBL Blend Sold Out Ladies. Restocking Soon Glad To Help. Consistency And Faith Is The Key ,” he later tweeted.

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