NLE Choppa Fights NBA YoungBoy Fan

A clip of NLE Choppa getting a beatdown from a NBA YoungBoy fan has gone viral.

“He just beat up NLE Choppa in the airport, y’all…and then i popped him and knocked him out,” the men who are filming say.

The man is seen faking a punch in NLE’s direction before NLE punches him in the face. But the rapper slips and falls. The rapper addressed the fight later.

“I be at peace minding my business but the devil work overtime to bring negativity to someone who seeks positivity,” he wrote. “Begging y’all to leave me alone, I’m not one of them no matter how much I’ve changed. I’ll put anybody under I got a daughter, a son on the way, and family to feed.”

He continued, “It’s a difference from getting hit and falling then fighting in flip flops and falling on yo own. I fell throwing a punch Ian get hit til I was otw down [crying laughing emojis] and my backpack 20 pounds. Buddy lip swole everything I through connected. My whole ankle rolled I got ice onnat how rn.”

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