Nicki Minaj’s DJ Tells Female Artists To ‘Step Ya Bars Up’

DJ Boof, the DJ of megastar Nicki Minaj hopped online to tell female rappers to step their bars up.

“Man…. I miss Nicki just like y’all,” he wrote via Instagram Story.

“Female artist y’all really gotta step ya bars up and start making music.. cuz some of this sh*t Im Hearing is terrible. Just saying. Female rap is boring to me right now.” 

Nicki Minaj has been laying low since giving birth to her son.

His comments come weeks after rapper Cupcakke made similar statements.

“If I’m being honest with y’all. Female rap is really boring to me right now,” she wrote.

She added, “I don’t have to shade no one. I’m direct. I’ll @ yo fav and tell them exactly how I feel if I felt a way…once again female rap is very boring right now and mediocre. I stand on what I said & not a soul gone do sh*t about it…now what!??” 

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