Nicki Minaj Leaks Raunchy Post Baby Pics w/ Husband Kenneth Petty

Hip hop superstar Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty are proud parents to a newborn baby boy. 

MTO News has confirmed that ever since giving birth, Nicki’s been in the gym – and she’s been working on getting herself back to where she was pre-pregnancy. And now, just about a month after popping out her first kid, Nicki has dropped the majority of her baby weight

The Queen leaked a few sexy new shots with her husband Kenneth Petty where the newlyweds got into some raunchy poses.

In the first picture, Kenny grabs his wife from behind and grinds up against her backside. In the second, they sensually face each other as Petty looks lovingly into her Grammy winning eyes. The gallery includes an outfit change (for Nicki only) who looks to be getting right back into shape following the birth of her first son. 

Of course, she hasn’t lost her famous hips and butt at all, still flaunting a thick booty and tiny waist.


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