Nicki Minaj Husband Accuser SPEAKS – Tells What She Claims Nicki Did!! (Listen)

Nicki Minaj is on the verge of being cancelled – just days after she made explosive claims about her coronavirus vaccine hesitancy, MTO News confirmed.

Today The Real interviewed a woman who was victimized by Nicki’s husband Kenneth Petty – 20 years ago. Following that, Kenneth was charged with rape, and served almost 5 years in prison for his crime.

Now – 20 years later – the woman is filing a lawsuit against Nicki and Kenneth, claiming harassment.

While many people side with the accuser, there are some fans of Nicki’s who feel that the media is bringing up this old case as a way of cancelling her after she publicly questioned the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine.  

Nicki’s reason for her skepticism of the vaccine’s safety has drawn the ire of the federal government, and members of Joe Biden’s administration.

Here’s what she told The Real:

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