Nicki Minaj Calls For Sexual Assault Accuser Tyrone Blackburn Attorney To Be Punished!!

Nicki Minaj is asking that Tyrone Blackburn, the attorney representing the woman who accused her husband of rape, to be punished.

“Mr. Blackburn’s conduct in this case has been disgraceful,” Judd Burstein wrote in documents obtained by Billboard. “He should be severely punished for it … so that, hopefully, other lawyers will understand that they have an obligation to their clients, the court, opposing counsel, and the legal profession itself not to pursue bad faith, frivolous, and indeed extortionate litigation in such a reprehensible manner.”

Nicki’s attorney calls Blackburn a “bottom feeder.” Nicki’s team says Blackburn accused her of being a member of the Queens gang, Makk Baller Brims.


Burstein says Blackburn should pay the rapper’s legal bills and wants a judge to punish him.

“He is arrogantly and incomprehensibly contending that his conduct in this case was appropriate,” Burstein wrote. “He should not be permitted to walk away from this Court believing that he is free to victimize Ms. Maraj a second time with the same baseless claims.”

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