Nick Cannon’s Youngest Son Dies From Brain Cancer

Nick Cannon has shared that his youngest son Zen has died from brain cancer.

Cannon fathered Zen with model Alyssa Scott.

“We thought it would be a routine process and we went in and we found out that he had another condition where it was fluid building up in his head. They called it a malignant tumor in his head,” he said on his show.

He said over the holidays, Zen’s condition became worse.

“The process sped up… The tumor began to grow a lot faster and so, we knew that the time was… So, this weekend I made a valid effort to spend the most quality time I could spend with Zen.

“We woke up on Sunday and I just felt like I wanna go to the water and get close to the ocean,. Usually, on Sundays, I kinda handle everything I need to handle with the family and I fly back to New York. I rush back…but I wanted to make sure I allowed the sun to rise and, you know, kinda hold my son and… holding my son for the last time, but it was still, it was a beautiful setting… I turned around and not only did we see the sunrise, but we saw the sunset, too.”

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