Nick Cannon Is Now Trying To Get Mariah Carey BACK . . . After Having 5 OUTSIDE KIDS!!

Nick Cannon dropped a new track, “Alone,” where he raps about his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

“As much as I want you back, it’s probably better where you at/ Probably better where you at ’cause I’m still running the streets/I’m still all in the sheets, having babies/ Models and singers and actresses all sayin’ they’re pregnant by me/ Have to pay $10,000 a week, I take of my peeps/ Now you don’t worry about when I creep, you got a man next to you when you sleep.”

Nick is promoting his upcoming mixtape Raw’ N B: The Explicit Tape.

“I learned so much from Mariah,” he told HHDX. “I’m going to be honest, just watching her over the years and the way she’s perfected her craft, and the way she — when I say a perfectionist and an expert, I say that with sincere admiration. She makes sure every one of her vocals are perfect. She makes sure every song is done to her satisfaction. And to watch that — I think all the great artists do that.”

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