Nick Cannon Says Kevin Hart’s Condom Vending Machine Prank Caused ‘Baby Mama Drama’

Nick Cannon says Kevin hart’s condom vending machine prack caused his some drama.

Hart sent him a vending machine full of condoms after it was revealed Nick is expecting his 8th child.

“One thing that was brilliant about it, it was the mystery of it, because I had up some baby mama drama, ‘Who sent you that? Who sent you that?'” he told Entertainment Tonight. “So, I did have to do some real life stuff, and then when he came out and said it was him, everybody relaxed.”

Nick had posted a picture of the vending machine and captioned the post: “Looks like somebody just sent me an early Valentine’s Day gift!! Vending Machine full of Magnums ‍♂️❤️.”

Kevin the wrote, “I see u got my gift @nickcannon ….GOTCHA BITCH!!!!!! ….Now u don’t have an excuse because the condoms are free ‍♂️ ‍♂️☺️☺️ #PrankWars,” he wrote

Kevin thinks it was a good prank.

“It’s about complicating a person’s day, how do I make your day difficult? That’s a beautiful prank,” Kevin said.


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