Nick Cannon Expecting Twins w/ Abby De La Rosa – His 5th and 6th Kids!!


Nick Cannon is allegedly expecting twins with Abby De La Rosa.

Abby has been dropping hints on her social media — and says that they are in love.

“In 2020 the man who is now my children’s father and I reconnected. Never would I have ever envisioned where we are at now. This isn’t a bs ‘love’ story, it’s a REAL story,” she wrote. “His openness and honesty won my heart but above anything he is my dearest friend and my partner this world of mine. He changed my life in all the most unconventional ways inspiring me to open my mind to the unknown when it came to loving outside of ‘labels’ and ‘ownership’.”

She continued:

“In june, at 2 months, I had lost our first pregnancy and he was so sweet through it all reassuring me that fruition….Now fast forward to the morning of my birthday – October 25th, I find out that I’m pregnant!!! Then a month later, I found out it was with twins!!!!!!”


Nick Cannon already has one set of twins with Mariah Carey. He also has two children with model Brittany.

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