NeYo’s Wife Crystal Smith Reveals She Found Out About Their Breakup On Social Media!!

NeYo’s Wife Crystal Smith recently revealed that she found out about the couple’s split on social media – along with the rest of us!

She says she was embarrassed to say the least.

“We weren’t really talking at that time. I chose to leave the relationship because of issues, and at the time I felt like it was to get back at me or to hurt me, or whatever the case may be,” she told Tamron Hall.


She continued: “He said that it wasn’t so I took his word for that. But it definitely didn’t feel good, it was embarrassing to say the least.”

Ne-Yo was also a guest on Tamron Hall’s show. He explained: “I had gotten word that it had gotten out, and I was trying to get in front of the blogs and everybody. I’ve always hated the whole third-person thing. If I don’t hear it from the horse’s mouth, I don’t believe it. I decided to get in front of it before it became rumors and accusations.”

The pair have since reconciled.

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