News Report Interrupted To Show SATANIC WORSHIP - Goes Viral!!


The ABC network is coming under fire after appearing to insert a Satanic clip unexpectedly during a routine news telecast in Australia, MTO News has learned.

The anchor Yvonne Yong was presenting a story about Queensland’s proposal to make the killing of police horses or dogs a criminal offense. Her narrations gets visually cut by a shot of three officers walking down, and then pans back at her.

However, a few seconds later her narration once again gets interrupted by a change of visuals but this time the network played a satanic ritual on screen during the live telecast.


In that scene of few seconds, a man can be seen standing in a black robe. Another person is seen standing beside the robe-clad person, and one person is seen sitting next to a keyboard. There is also an upside-down cross seen on one corner of the room. The whole clip of satanic ritual played only for a couple of seconds but was caught by another media house. The man in the black robe can also be heard saying "Hail, Satan".


The producers realized the mistake and immediately cut the feed, bringing the anchor back on the screen. Yong stayed silent for a few seconds and then quickly started introducing another story awkwardly.