New York Gunman Opens Fire At 2 Kids – Ages 5 & 10 . . . Just To Get His OPPS!!

New York City’s violent crime rate, especially with respect to gun crimes, is going through the roof, MTO News has learned. On the eve of an upcoming citywide mayor’s race – where Eric Adams, a law-enforcement focused ex-cop is leading – a disturbing video leaked showing a gunman shooting at a man in front of two children – ages 10 and 5.

In the shocking video released by the New York City police on Friday, two young children were nearly shot – as a brazen gunman erratically sprays gunfire in their direction – as he goes after his “opps.” Luckily, MTO News confirmed that while the “opps” was hit multiple times at close range – the children weren’t.

Police said it happened around 6:45 p.m. Thursday in The Bronx – just a few blocks from where Cardi B grew up.

The unidentified shooter walked up and opened fire at the 24-year-old victim, striking him in the back and both legs, authorities said. The victim is expected to survive the shooting.

The video shows the children, a 5-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl, get caught up in the dangerous melee, despite not knowing the victim. According to police, they were just walking down the street when it all went down.

In the video you can see the girl pull the younger boy close to her and cover him as bullets rang out around them.


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