New Season Of Basketball Wives DONE Filming; Which One SNITCHED On Brittish To Feds!!!

The new season of Basketball Wives has finished filming, MTO News has confirmed. And this season is one of the juiciest EVER!!

That’s because the entire season revolves around Brittish Williams – who was recently hit with federal fraud charges in St. Louis, Missouri. And MTO News has learned that the show makes it seem like one of the women SNITCHED ON BRITTISH.

One person close to production told MTO News, “This season is sort of like a whodunnit. The viewers can try and figure out, who snitched on Brittish.”

Basketball Wives’ Brandi Maxiell’s EXTREME Plastic Surgery – Unrecognizable!!

Brittish, who also goes by the name “Cierrah,” was indicted on federal fraud and identity theft charges on Sept. 22, by the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Missouri. She faces five felony charges of misuse of a Social Security number; four charges of bank fraud; three charges of making false statements to the IRS; three charges of wire fraud; and three charges of aggravated identity theft. 

Yikes. If convicted on all charges, she faces 25 years in prison.

Now more on the season – and the other Basketball Wives, one of whom is the suspected SNITCH.

Jackie, Malaysia, Jennifer, Brandi & Brittish are all confirmed as the main cast of “Basketball Wives.” Angel & Brooke join them as “supporting” cast members.

Now for the tea, Angel is pregnant with Rockstar’s baby after the cheating allegations and Brooke is still actively beefing with Malaysia. Duffey and the sisters are also supporting cast members.

Here’s a pic of the full cast, as they are going on the cast trip. Peep Angel with a giant pregnant belly in the middle.

And here are a few confessional looks of Malaysia, Brittish, and Jennifer:

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