New Orleans Teens Pull Off ‘SMOOTH’ Carjacking … Twitter Praises Them!!

A group of teenagers in New Orleans are going viral after pulling off what many are calling the “smoothest” carjacking they’ve ever seen, MTO News has learned.

And the entire crime was captured on video.

Yesterday, NOPD released surveillance video of a carjacking off the Chef Menteur Highway. According to police, the victim left his Honda Accord running as he pumped gas. 

That’s when the thieves pulled off their scheme.


In the video, you see an older model tan-colored Lexus pull up and two men get out. MTO News watched as one of the men appears to walk by and distract the victim, while the other creeps over and gets inside the victim’s car, via the front passenger door.

The man then slides over the the driver’s seat, and drives away with the car – once the man finished pumping gas and returns the gas cap.

The distracting teen then jumps back into the Lexus, and pulls away.

The victim appears dumbfounded as to what happened.

New Orleans police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

But Twitter is already praising the thieves – calling their crime “smooth.”

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