‘New Jack’, Wrestler Who Tried To MURDER Opponents, Just Died!! (Video)

MTO News has confirmed that Jerome “New Jack” Young passed away yesterday, after suffering a massive heart attack in North Carolina. New Jack was 58 at the time of his passing.

New Jack was one of the most controversial wrestlers in professional wrestling history, especially given that he allegedly tried to murder his opponents. But there was another side to New Jack. He was described by many as one of the more intense and charismatic performers over the last several decades. 


Here’s a description of his career, from PWinsider:

After breaking into the business in Georgia while mentored by the late Ray Candy, New Jack formed The Gangstas with Mustafa for a run in Smoky Mountain Wrestling that put the duo, empowered by Jack’s incredible, edgy interviews, on the map, leading to the team headlining against everyone from The Rock N’ Roll Express to The Undertaker. . . 

While Jack held the ECW World Tag Team Championships several times, he might be far better remembered for diving out of balconies to put hapless opponents through tables, something that he devised as a way to make sure that the audience’s attention and their memories were about him no matter whether he was booked to win or lose. Over time, his fearlessness at doing the dives took its physical toll (especially after a planned fall at Living Dangerously 2000 went completely wrong) but any highlight reel of ECW would be incomplete without those insane moments.

Here’s video of New Jack pulling out a knife during a match – and stabbing his opponent multiple times:

Here New Jack admits to trying to kill his opponent:

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