New Covid-19 TV Commercial Aimed At Drug Dealers: ‘GET VACCINATED’! (Watch)

The Centers For Disease Control and various state agencies are trying to do everything in their power to get the entire country vaccinated – even drug dealers. MTO News has learned that the government has funded a new commercial, which appears to be aimed at convincing drug dealers to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The commercial began circulating on social media, MTO News confirmed, and it has already been seen more than 1 million times. The video claims that it was created by the Arkansas Department of Health.

In the video, the man named Richard Johnson who is labeled an “entrepreneur” explains the importance of getting vaccinated. Richard tells the audience that he’s a “hustler” and a “legit entrepreneur” and claims that he “sells things.”

At first glance, Richard seemed like a legitimate entrepreneur. But the more he spoke, it became clear that the video was implying that Richard may be involved in illegal activity.

Richard tells the audience, “If you live the type of lifestyle that I live, and you’re out here in these streets and you’re hustling . . . why not do it safely.”

Black Twitter is going crazy over the video. Watch:

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