NeNe Leakes: I Don’t Think Marlo Hampton Should Get A Peach!!

Former Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes says she does not believe that Marlo Hampton should become a full-time Housewife.

During a recent interview, Jason Lee told NeNe that he wanted to see Marlo take the jump from being a friend of the show to a full cast member.

“The reason I disagree is because if you’ve been doing something for so long. I don’t see the network giving you a peach. I am just speaking from my eyes and the way I view the network and the way television works. You have given everything for this amount of pay. Why do they need to give you a peach? For what? What’s going to change? They’re getting everything they need right now. What are they gonna get when they give you a peach?” she said.

But speaking to The Jasmine Brand earlier, Marlo shared that she wanted a peach.

 “The Hamptons deserve to see more of me and really not have to make up the story. But I care now for my fans, you know, because the Hamptons made me who I am today. So I do feel that they deserve to really come into my life because people painted this picture who they wanted me to be and wanted the world to see me as, and it’s like it’s nothing like that. I’m totally different,” Marlo said at the time.


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