NeNe Leakes Hires Civil Rights Attorney To Sue Bravo!!

On Monday evening, NeNe Leakes went live with civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump to speak about the mistreatment she says she tolerated as a housewife on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.

NeNe says that despite being the biggest star on the show, others were promoted before her — and she has hired Crump to take her issues to the courtroom.


 “This has been a long time coming. If there are any other women out there who have experienced racial discrimination or mistreatment of any kind please contact us. You can email me or contact any of my representatives. I am represented by Bryan Freedman, Ben Crump and supported by the great Al Sharpton [email protected]” she captioned a post on her Instagram.

Several of the ladies have been given their own spinoff shows — but NeNe is yet to be offered the same kind of deal from the network, allegedly.

“I think the treatment that was happening behind closed doors that most aren’t privy to, uh, was not a fair treatment,” she explained. “And, um, this is a cry for help for Bravo to sit down at the table and have a conversation with me and my team to correct some of the things that were not done properly. That is what this is about. So I know a lot of the fans who have tuned into Bravo over the years, they love some of the shows that are on Bravo. They love the real Housewives of Atlanta. I’m not saying don’t ever watch these shows. These are great shows. I’m saying that we need your help. And we’re asking that Bravo, take a seat and sit down with us and have a conversation. Let’s correct some of the things that have happened.”

She maintains she is not bashing Bravo. 

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