Ne-Yo: Quarantine Saved My Marriage!!

Singer Ne-Yo says that the quarantine saved his marriage.

“What the quarantine did was kind of force us to sit down and have these really uncomfortable discussions that we, honestly, would not have had otherwise,” Ne-Yo told Essence. “We would’ve never had the patience to sit in each other’s face and really just talk about what we don’t like about each other. If I’ve got an excuse to be gone, I’m gone, just to avoid the conflict.”

The singer filed for divorce from his wife Crystal Smith a month before the lockdown.

He added that the pandemic “made us face the conflict head-on and what that did is basically strengthen us because now, I don’t have to pull punches when I talk to you. You know exactly where I stand. I know exactly where you stand and through that we’ve decided to keep going and it’s a more genuine feel to what it is we’re doing now.”


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