Ne-Yo Drags Vlogger Who Claimed He Forced Ex-Wife To Have Tubes Tied

Ne-Yo took time out of his busy schedule to drag a YouTuber who made a video, blasting him for allegedly forcing his ex-wife, Monyetta Shaw, to have her tubes tied.

Ne-Yo denied the allegations were true:

“I mean, how else could she judge me and any of my shortcomings or mistakes, unless it is true that she has never made any mistakes herself? I smiled the whole time watching that. People’s bitterness at my success and happiness is entertaining to me,” he wrote.


“I am assuming that she is the first wave of attack from some perfect clan of people that have decided to wage war against me and all of my imperfection. So at some point today when you all decide to take a sh*t, and want a quick laugh, check out @jovibeauty. Be careful not to let the perfection that is her Make you feel a little less than,” he continued.

He also sent her a few DMs. Check out the back and forth below.

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