Kevin Durant Accused Of S*xually Assaulting Trey Young . . . During Basketball GAME!! (Video)

Last night, Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets played Trey Young and the Atlanta Hawks, MTO News confirmed. During the game, All-star Trey Young was matched up one-one with superstar player Kevin Durant – and Kevin did the unthinkable to Trey. He appeared to s*xually assault him on the basketball court.


During the one-one-one matchup, Kevin appeared to go over the line with Trey. MTO News learned that Kevin began grabbing and caressing Trey’s body – in what could be a possible attempt to “psyche” him out.

But Kevin’s actions are now being criticized as what some are calling a “s*xual assault.”

In the video, which you can see below. Kevin walks behind Trey and presses his pelvis into Trey’s backside. Trey is obviously uncomfortable with the unexpected touching.

Then he starts whispering lovingly into Trey’s ear, while Kevin rubbed on the Atlanta ballplayer’s thighs, MTO News observed.

Trey tried to get away, but Kevin was relentless – and the tall lanky baller appeared to grab Trey’s butt and begin caressing it.

Oh my God!

MTO News has learned that HUNDREDS of people on Twitter are outraged, and want the league to penalize Kevin for his inappropriate conduct on the court.


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