PJ Washington Allegedly Pays Brittany Renner 80% Of His NBA Salary … Sees Son!

The saga of NBA star PJ Washington and ex-girlfriend Brittany Renner, who is also the mother of his child, is on-going. As MTO News reported a few weeks back, the two split up – and PJ took to social media to say that he felt scammed by Brittany – who is an IG model.

Since the couple’s split, PJ also left a series of subliminal tweets suggesting that Brittany was keeping him from seeing his son. Well yesterday PJ finally got to see his son and the question is what changed? 


Prior to seeing his son, MTO News has learned that there were numerous online reports that Brittany was asking PJ to fork over $200k a month in child support – and he was initially refusing to pay such a huge amount.


The actual child support agreement is unknown as Brittany and PJ have not publicly disclosed any details about it, but that hasn’t stopped social media speculation from running rampant.

One popular theory floating around Twitter is that PJ’s recent reunion with his son could have been after he paid Brittany her requested sum. If that’s the case, the baller would be paying nearly 80% of his salary in child support.

PJ Washington is currently making $4,215,120 from the NBA  – or about $351,000 a month. After state and federal taxes, the NBA baller is taking home a little more than $250K a month. So the $200K in child support that he’s speculated to be paying his new baby’s mama would amount to 80% of his NBA salary.

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