N.J. Prison Guards Put Inmate w/ His OPPS & Watch Him BEATEN On Camera!! (‘This Is Good’)

A disturbing new video has been released showing corrections officers watching while an inmate is brutally beaten – and seemingly enjoying it. This occurred after the COs put the New Jersey prisoner in a unit, where they knew he’d be with members of a rival gang, MTO News has learned.

In the extremely disturbing video, a group of inmates viciously beating another incarcerated man with a microwave oven at a New Jersey lockup. MTO News observed that one of the attackers hurled a microwave at the unconscious victim.

The caught-on-camera beatdown at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark left Jayshawn Boyd, 22, in a coma and fighting for his life, his lawyers said Monday.

While it’s not clear what set off the fight, multiple social media reports claim that the violence popped off after Jayshawn was placed in a unit with rival gang members. Social media reports claim that the corrections officers knew that Jayshawn would likely face difficulty in the unit – so they put him in and watched on video as the trouble unfolded. MTO News was not able to independently verify these rumors.

Jayshawn suffers from schizophrenia, and was taken into custody at the jail on Sept. 9 and attacked by fellow inmates after being placed in a “designated gang unit,” his lawyer explained to the media. 

In the video, 5 inmates “jump” Jayshawn. They punched and kicked him until he was unconscious. But that’s when things got REALLY ugly.

In the graphic video, which MTO News posted above, the inmates can be seen stomping on Jayshawn’s head. Then one inmate brought a microwave oven and threw it at Jayshawn’s head. The 20 pound oven smashed against his head a half dozen times.

In the video, you hear Corrections Officers give commentary on the carnage. Many seem to be enjoying the disturbing events. One is heard saying, “Wait, this is the good part” – before Jayshawn is hit with the kitchen appliance.


“That’s something we don’t know at this point,” Licciardi said. “It appeared to be pretty quick, within minutes of him getting into the common area. We just received a copy of the video from a family member who received it anonymously.”

Seven inmates at the jail are facing charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault and third-degree rioting in the attack, Licciardi said.

Jayshawn is in critical condition in a medically induced coma at a hospital in Newark

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