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Muslim Tiktok Star TROLLS His Wife; By Marrying Her Best Friend!!

A popular Muslim TikTok star from the country of Dagestan is going viral on social media, after trolling his wife . . . by marrying her best friend.

MTO News confirmed that the popular Tiktok star @bachem says he was tired of his wife spending too much time with her best friend. So he decided to make it easier for his wife to spend time with both him and her friend . . . by marrying her.

And the wife doesn't seem too happy about it either -and understandably so.

But why's the friend, aka new wife, cheesing though?......

The outrageous video has now been viewed by more than 10,000,000 people around the world. Watch below:

Officially polygamy is not legal in Dagestan, which is part of the Russian Federation. But unofficially, polygamy is widespread throughout the Islamic community of the North Caucus nation.

Until recently, only Dagestan’s wealthiest men with high social status took second wives, as it was thought that they “could permit themselves” to do so from an economic and ethical point of view. However, many other men have also chosen to ignore the official registry office and marry other women according to Sharia law, and this practice has spread widely.