Move Over LIZZO . .  A New FAT FEMALE RAPPER Has Possible Song Of The Summer!!

Rap star Lizzo exploded onto the scene three years ago when she released her hit single Truth Hurts. Lizzo became a household name as her song moved up the charts coupled with her antics on social media. But MTO News confirmed that Lizzo has cooled off dramatically and has not been able to release another big hit.

Well Lizzo may want get back in the booth because there’s a new FAT female rapper coming for her spot – and her name is Big Bottle Wyanna. She released her new song – a ratchet hip hop song called “Aye” which many are calling it the “summer girls anthem” song.

The song has a catchy hook. And the rapper’s name Big Bottle Wyanna, refers to the fact that the female artist claims to drink a “big bottle” of Hennessy every day.

In the video, she and her girls are seen drinking the brown colored liquor from very large bottles.


The song, by Big Bottle Wyanna has been picking up steam across social media. MTO News learned that the video has already been viewed more than 20,000,000 times and has been shared more than 500,000 times.

So which big lady do you prefer – Lizzo or Big Bottle Wyanna??

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