Montana Yao Blasts Larsa Pippen’s ‘Embarrassing’ Behavior


Montana Yao, the wife of athlete Malik Beasley, has publicly called out Larsa Pippen for her behavior — after Malik posted a public apology to Montana on social media.

 Montana wrote that Larsa’s “threats” have done nothing but get her “hot.”

“I been already told you to shut your trap because you embarrassed yourself enough already,” Montana wrote. “Both of you were wrong as hell but YOU ma’am had the nerve to talk all that sh*t to me as if I was wrong?”

Montana continued, “First of all we as women don’t claim you, you wouldn’t know girl code if it slapped you in the face you just a old desperate thirsty ass ran thru blow up doll.”


She added, “You need clout that bad at your age? Like I’ll be damned if I’m walking around behaving like that lin 23 years. smdh and I’ll really be damned to EVER embarass my children like that SHEEESH. Like GOOO SPEND TIME WITH YO KIDS!”

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