Moniece Slaughter Denies Bleaching Her Skin

Moniece Slaughter has denied bleaching her skin — despite looking many shades lighter than she did previously.

“I don’t know where everybody gets off accusing me of bleaching my skin… We’re gonna unpack this…” she said on Instagram.

Moniece responded to claims that she was promoting a bleaching cream — she says it was not bleach. Fans were quick to point out that it was a “brightening” product.

“I saw somebody say bleaching… This is not for bleaching. I need you guys to get a good grip on the difference between exfoliating and brightening versus bleaching. Bleaching does not brighten. Bleaching deplinishes, bleaching removes melanin, bleaching takes away color, stains, that’s what bleaching does.”

Moniece then shared a picture on Instagram of her showing her natural skin color. 

“Just woke up. Haven’t even washed my face. ZERO filter of ANY sort,” she wrote. “My chest that gets ZERO sunlight. Compared to my arms & hands. My chest is MY WINTER COLOR PERIOD GET OVER IT!!”

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