Mom Kills Daughters To ‘Sell Organs’ – Judge May Set HER FREE!!

A mother accused of murdering her two baby girls for their body parts – may walk free, MTO News has learned, and is currently NOT in prison.

On Monday, a Nevada court ruled the mom was not competent to stand trial for killing her two daughters.

MTO News confirmed that District Judge Linda Bell ordered Amanda Sharp-Jefferson, 26, to remain committed at a medical facility until her mental health is restored. After which, it’s possible she may go free.

The horrific incident occurred on November 10, when the father of the two beautiful girls discovered the gruesome scene. He came home and discovered his 1-year-old baby Rose and 2-month old Lily, had been dismembered and had their body parts stacked on top of each other in a baby swing. Both of the girls were pronounced dead on the scene.


A police report stated that the boyfriend claimed Amanda “kept shushing him and, at one point, made a statement that their organs were worth a lot of money,” but Amanda told officers that she believed she was set up, had no children, and she did not know the man claiming to be her boyfriend.

Amanda also told police that she “saw a movie where people made money on body parts after a person died.”

A doctor concluded that Amanda was incompetent. She may or may not stand trial for her daughter’s murders once she is deemed mentally competent.

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