MIT Study: Covid-19 Vaccines Less Effective For Blacks & Asians!!

A blockbuster report was just released from the Massachussets Institute of Technology, MTO News has learned, concerning the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines for people with Black and/or Asian ancestry. And the report is NOT GOOD.

The report was created by MIT Professor David Gifford and PhD students Ge Liu and Brandon Carter, and the results were explosive – calling into question whether the new vaccine will be effective for Blacks and Asians.


“There are obviously many other factors to consider, but our preliminary results suggest that, on average, people of Black or Asian ancestry could have a slightly increased risk of vaccine ineffectiveness,” says MIT professor David Gifford, senior author of a new paper outlining the findings. “Our work shows that clinical trials need to carefully consider ancestry in their study designs to ensure that efficacy is measured across an appropriate population.”

Here are the scientific details:

And for you science geeks – here is the FULL REPORT

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