Missy Elliot UNDER FIRE For Taking ALL Royalties From Popular Reggaeton Song!!

Missy Elliot accidentally found herself a couple of million extra dollars lying around, MTO News has learned.

The Bad Bunny hit “Safaera,” which features the veteran reggaeton duo Jowell & Randy, uses a half a dozen samples and references, including the famed beat from Missy Elliott‘s 2001 hit “Get Ur Freak On.” 

Last week, Jowell ignited a Twitter storm by sharing details about the royalty splits on the track, claiming that Missy gets most of the money while he, Bad Bunny, and Randy only got 1 percent. 

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Now, Missy is correcting the record and saying that she gets “only” 25 percent of the royalties from “Safaera” – even though her sample lasts for less than a few seconds.

​During a now-viral interview with the Puerto Rican personality Molusco, Jowell shared that the artists never properly cleared the “Get Ur Freak On” sample. 

According to him, when Missy found out about the track, she threatened to sue and “asked for millions.” He said Bad Bunny’s label head, Noah Assad, worked out a deal that left her with nearly all the money generated by the song, and him, Bad Bunny, and Randy with a single percentage point each.​

​“That cabrona was the one that got everything,” he said in the interview through laughter.​

Missy responded:

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