Mike Tyson Needs $1B To Fight Jake Paul

Mike Tyson says he would need a check for $1 billion to fight Youtuber Jake Paul.

“Blue eyes, blonde hair, that sh*t is very expensive, man,” Tyson said telling TMZ that he would need “billion bucks.”

In January, Tyson denied reports that a fight was already lined up.

“A verbal deal has been struck to get it on, but like all forms of sports business, now it’s all about the contracts and money split. Mike is looking for a certain figure to get into the ring with a profit share guarantee,” a source told The Sun. “Jake obviously has that on his mind but is keen to show the world that stepping into the ring with a man once called, ‘the baddest man on the planet,’ takes his boxing career to the next level.”

Jake Paul has been trying to fight Tyson. He thinks he can beat him because Tyson is a lot older.

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