Mike Tyson: My Daughter Tried To Fight Boosie!!

Mike Tyson has revealed that his daughter tried to fight rapper Boosie Badazz following the homophobic remarks he made about Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Zaya Wade.

“My daughter lives that life. She came from New York to this office right here to confront this guy, and she’s violent. I thought she came to see me. I thought she came to see her father and stepmother. She came to confront him physically,” he told DJ Vlad. “I had to take care of that. I was watching her, she wanted to physically grab this guy, and started attacking this guy. I had to come in, I was watching her. She explained herself, then he explained himself and it didn’t go as bad as I thought it was going to go.”


He added: “I learned that day that there’s a set of people, and they’re very serious about stuff like that. Those words are very offensive. It’s very offensive to them. — I didn’t know. I took it for granted. I was a guy and I was a sexist and I didn’t understand other people’s feelings. From that experience, to come from New York to here, to represent who she was, and to get physical, I have nothing but respect for that. I talk totally different to her. She’s serious like that.”

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