Michelle Obama UPSET w/ Viola Davis Portrayal Of Her In ‘The First Lady’ & Black Twitter Agrees!!

Viola Davis is widely considered to be one of the best actresses in the world. So when she was chosen to play Michelle Obama in the Showtime’s “The First Lady,” most people couldn’t wait to see the performance.

Well, according to the recently released clips – Viola did a HORRIBLE job. 

And MTO News spoke with a person close to Michelle Obama, who tell us that he former First Lady is not happy with the way Viola portrayed her on the cable tv show.

Michelle’s longtime friend told MTO News, “Viola’s portrayal of Michelle wasn’t flattering. And Michelle knows this.”

When we asked the First Lady’s friend whether Michelle liked Viola’s performance, the friend said firmly, “NO.”

What was going on in Viola’s mind? Did she not have enough time to prepare for the role? And we can’t even blame the show’s producer, because it’s Shonda Rhimes.

Here is a clip from Viola’s performance:

And here’s some of the reaction from Black Twitter:

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