Michaela Pink: Youtube Star Who Teaches ‘Date Rich’ Arrested for Theft + Money Laundering

Michaela Pink/Mikki Fox is one of the most popular relationship experts on Youtube. She teaches women how to date, and eventually marry rich men – and not surprisingly her videos have millions of views. 

Michaela is best known for her videos where she teaches women how to “level up”, increase their femininity, and secure the bag through dating and marriage.

But it appears that Michaela is not “leveling up” as she has recently been arrested and charged with theft and money laundering.

Dang…where’s your own advice when you need it…..

On Feb. 10, Michaela was arrested for theft and money laundering, and it’s currently unknown how much time she’s facing if convicted. 

Here’s her mugshot.

Michaela is 40 years old and has 3 sons age 4, 9, and 17. She recently divorced the father of her last two children to go “live her best life.”  Since becoming a Youtube star she’s made videos about the dating life and claimed to simultaneously dated over 10 men, who all give her thousands of dollars.

In a recent video, Michaela also hinted that she may have got married to a multimillionaire. 

Here’s a video of her, explaining to women how you should act around a rich man:

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