Michael Irvin Blasts Amari Cooper For Not Getting Vaccinated


Michael Irvin has slammed Amari Cooper’s decision not to be vaccinated.

“I’m absolutely hot about it. Are you joking?. I got a guy who makes $21 million on the bench at home not playing. It’s crazy,” he told TMZ.

“Our job as athletes is to try remove any reason of not winning the Super Bowl. It’s why I condition, so that the fatigue ain’t the reason that I lose the Super Bowl. And that’s why I go over plays a million times, so a mistake is not the reason I lose the Super Bowl. So you have to try to mitigate any issue that can cost you a game or a Super Bowl. And COVID is one of them. You go get vaccinated to try to mitigate it, best you can. Now you can still get it, even after you get vaccinated. But it’s a different percentage chance of you getting it. And I need you to get that different percentage chance. I’m so hot at Amari Cooper for not being on that field.”

Is he right?

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