Michael B Jordan Spotted Driving Lori’s Car . . . And Blasting Future’s Music!!


Michael B Jordan was spotted out driving around Los Angeles in Lori’s new Lamborghini. And strangely Michael was blasting music made by Lori’s ex Future, MTO News has confirmed.

The paparazzi had been following Michael and Lori as the couple drove around their neighborhood. Eventually the paparazzi managed to get close enough to Michael when he had his windows rolled down.

And surprisingly Michael was blasting music by Future. You can hear Future rapping about ‘F***ing” someone’s “b**ch” while wearing Gucci flip flops.

Future and Lori dated for about a year. After the two broke up, Future fired multiple shots against her in his music.

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In Future’s newest track, Maybach, he rapped,  “Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her/One thing I never seen was a b**ch to leave.”

It’s not clear whether Michael was playing the music because he liked the track .  . or because he was trying to send some type of message to the paparazzo.


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