Michael B Jordan Allegedly Caught ‘CREEPING’ On Lori . . . With Danileigh!!!

Actor Michael B Jordan and his girlfriend Lori Harvey have been the talk of Black Hollywood since the start of 2020. But MTO News has learned that a friend of rapper Danileigh is claiming that Michael has been sliding into the light skinned singer’s DMs.


Michael and Lori have been dating each other, since last fall, and they two seem pretty serious.

But they have spent the last month apart. Michael is currently in New York filming his new movie and Lori’s working on projects in Los Angeles. 

How does the old saying go: “when the cat’s away” . . . .

MTO News spoke with one of Danileigh’s friends who claims that the Black Panther star has been ALL UP IN DANILEIGH’S DMs.

The friend told MTO News, “[Michael] started off liking her pics, then he came at her in the DMs.” 

But luckily for Lori, Danileigh apparently wasn’t receptive. The pal continued, “Dani is not trying to go there, she’s friends with [Lori] and she doesn’t want to get in the middle of anything.”


Before dating Lori Harvey, Michael has been linked to dozens of White and Latina women. Lori is the first Black woman he’s dated publicly since becoming a mega-star.

Earlier this year, Danileigh, who is Dominican-American, faced a backlash on social media after releasing a song called “Yellow Bone,” an term that refers to a light-skinned Black person with yellow skin undertones. 

The song’s questionable lyrics sparked an online conversation on colorism, the fetishtization of lighter skin, and the normalization of non-Black Latinas exploiting Black culture.  

In the initial Instagram clip, which was posted on January 21 and has since been deleted from DaniLeigh’s account, the singer dances along to the song, repeatedly saying, “Yellow Bone is what he wants.” 

As the clip circulated online, people called out DaniLeigh for perpetuating anti-Black discourse at a time when people are denouncing America’s deeply-rooted history in perpetuating whiteness and protecting white supremacy. 

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