Female Rapper Chinese Kitty’s Boyfriend REPOSSESS Her Watch . .. After They Split!!!

Female rapper Chinese Kitty was forced to give back a $150,000 watch that her boyfriend gave her as a gift. Her man allegedly “repossessed” the watch, after Chinese Kitty decided to break up with him.

The beautiful rapper told her fans on Instagram, “Whats up with the Indian givers?? If a girl don’t want to be with you and all of a sudden you wanna take sh*t back.”

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And the “sh*t” that she claims her boyfriend took back from her, is her diamond encrusted Audemars Piguet watch, worth an estimated $150,000. You can see a picture of it above.

Here’s Chinese Kitty’s post:

And it gets even worse. According to Chinese Kitty SHE paid for half of the watch that she was forced to give up. Look:

We here at MTO News know what you’re wondering – why did Chinese Kitty give up the watch in the first place? We’ve all seen enough Judge Judy to know that a gift is legally yours and can’t be repossessed.

Well MTO News did some digging and learned that Chinese Kitty’s ex is  considered a “street dude,” and she may have faced serious repercussions if she didn’t give up her jewelry.

Here’s another pic of the gorgeous watch:

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