MGK Wants The Rock Community To Put Some Respeck On His Name!!

Machine Gun Kelly is upset that he’s still considered new to the rock genre even though he’s been making rock music for a decade.

“It blows my mind, even in the the genre that I’m in, when people act like this is like some new thing,” he said to Howard Stern.

“It blows my mind. You can literally look back 10 years ago at rock festivals, and my name is right there on the flyer. Like we’ve always been in the culture. I’m super confused where this like, ‘Oh he’s new to the scene’. Like, f*ck you. We’ve been here so long, defying boxes and genres and odds.”

The rapper went on to explain, “I was platinum with two albums out, still living on a bean bag in my manager’s apartment. None of you have sh*t to say about the comfort of that, like, as if that didn’t [happen]. This was after I already had albums out. You know how much that mentally fucks with you?”

He says he was robbed by somebody high up.

“All my money is being taken [by] a puppet master who is convincing me, ‘Oh, I’m here for you,” but I’m living in a f*cking apartment on a bean bag.”

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