Method Man Says ‘You’re All I Need’ Was About His Wife

Method Man’s single “You’re All I Need” featuring Method Man is one of the biggest hits of his career — and he says he wrote it about his wife.

“It was a moment and I was missing her. What happened was we [Wutang] were touring trying to promote an album. While I was working on my album, Def Jam got Mika a ticket and flew her out to Cali, and that’s when I wrote the song when she came out to Cali. We were in the love zone,” he revealed during a recent interview.


He told the outlet that he could not remember the first time his wife, Tamika Smith, heard the song:

“Nah, It was something that I just put out there. At that point in time, there wasn’t nothing I could say on the record that hadn’t already been said.– It wasn’t written as a love song,” he went on. “Everything that was said on that record was already said to her. Like my n*gga, that’s what I used to call her. “

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