Mena Suvari Claims She Used Meth After Being Abused As A Child

Actress Mena Suvari has claimed that she turned to meth after being abused as a child.

“How it blew my mind,” she told PEOPLE. “And then I believed that I would never encounter it again. But when I came back to L.A., I ended up meeting a group of friends that one of my girlfriends had been hanging out with, and there it was again.”

Suvari says she started using the drug after she was raped by a friend of her older brother’s when she was in the sixth grade.

“When my family split apart, I ended up hanging out more and more, just going out,” she said. “And [the] rave scene, and we’d do all of those things. And so I tried anything. Mescaline. I mean whatever.”

She then spoke about a boyfriend she had who didn’t like her using meth.

“Tyler didn’t like meth,” says Suvari. “He had no problem with pot or any other drugs, but he just didn’t like that one.”

The actress is currently promoting her new book,  The Great Peace: A Memoir.


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