Memphis Bleek Calls ‘Cap’ On Suge Knight’s Claims Jay-Z Was Gagged & Robbed!!


Memphis Bleek is calling cap on a resurfaced interview where Suge Knight claimed Jay-Z was once tied up, gagged and robbed in L.A.

“Every cap in the world,” he tweeted with a screenshot of the article.

“The only thing I know about Jay-Z is that he came to L.A. a few times, and Snoop and Dre told him that, ‘When you on the west coast, you wrote a song for me, don’t worry ’bout nothing,'” said Knight in the clip. 

“Next thing I know he’s taped up, robbed, and gagged.” 

The interviewer, Carson Daly asked if he knew who did that to Jay-Z but Suge says he hadn’t met Jay at the time. “Who knows. The thing about it, I think Jay-Z’s a great guy because he’s great at what he do.”

Suge is serving a 28-year prison sentence for voluntary manslaughter stemming from a 2015 hit-and-run that was caught on security camera. Suge will not be eligible for parole until summer 2037.

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