Melle Mel: Jay-Z Is Overrated!!

For some, Jay-Z is one of the greatest rappers of all time, but for Hip-Hop legend Melle Mel, he doesn’t believe that is the case.

“I think a lot of rappers are overrated. Yeah,” he told DJ Vlad.

“Forget the street guy act. You’re not street like that. I’m not even a street guy, I’m a hood n*gga. I’m not a street n*gga ’cause I know I’m not gon’ be out on the street like that. And then, to take it a step further, these guys live in the big houses, they live in the best neighborhoods, there ain’t no street dudes around, but you’re gonna have this street dude thinking that being on the street is the right thing to do and the right person to be? You gotta give the people that’s left in the hood something to hold onto to make it out of the hood,” he said.

He blamed street rap for keeping people in the hood.

“A lot of this hip-hop sh*t made the ghetto permanent. You ain’t supposed to stay there like that. That’s why I say a lot of them is overrated because what they’re doing is they’re selling a product and then after the product is sold, now they’re still thinking they got product to sell. And they don’t. You live a nice life. Their kids are never going to see the inside of a jail or the inside of a public school, thank god.”

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