Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-Friend Kelsey Nicole Speaks

Kelsey Nicole, the former bestie of Megan Thee Stallion, has addressed the controversy surrounding Mag and Tory Lanez during a recent livestream.

She says that the legal issues are still ongoing but that she will be telling her side of the story soon.

“I got on here to let you know that, I know it’s a lot of questions and things going around and y’all wanna get to the bottom of [it]. I’ve been contemplating on how I was gonna do this. Obviously I don’t have a team behind me. It’s just me, it’s just Kelsey Nicole. They got teams, they got Roc Nation, I don’t know who Tory got but he got a team. Clearly these are two celebrities, so if I speak out, of course they’re gonna spin the stories,” she said.


Kelsey says she will soon clear her name: “This is just the beginning. It’s still court dates going on… I don’t feel like I have to come on here and tell y’all right away. I don’t owe y’all nothing. But I will do, I will be clearing my name. I will be killing some of them rumors, most of them rumors. I’m currently in talks with, I’m not gonna disclose who, I’m contemplating an interview, and that interview will uncover most of the misconceptions.”

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