MEG THE STALLION: I’m No Longer Disrespectful To My BFs; Because Of New Man Pardi!

Meg The Stallion admits that she no longer feels the need to be “disrespectful” towards her boyfriend, MTO News has learned.

The beautiful Grammy winning rap superstar gave some insight to fans – into her past relationships with men.

Meg told fans that she used to “talk crazy” to her former boyfriends, and that she didn’t “respect” them.


But that’s all different now, according to Meg The Stallion. Her new man Pardison Fontaine gets Meg’s respect because he “lets [her] be [her] because he’s confident that [Meg] aint going nowhere.”


The star confirmed her relationship with fellow rapper Pardison Fontaine via Instagram Live on back in February, while responding to some of her Hotties’ concerns over a seemingly heated argument that surfaced on the Internet earlier in the week.

“People don’t know what the hell they talking about, they just be saying anything,” Megan said, defending her man. “I didn’t like what they was trying to say about Pardi. Cause he is so calm and so sweet. And very, you know … That’s my boo. And I really like him … He is so perfect and he would never do anything to hurt me, just so y’all know.”

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