Meg The Stallion Called ‘Megan Smullet’: Fans Say Tory Shooting ‘HOAX’ & Want Her Arrested!!!

Megan Thee Stallion is facing the biggest crisis of her career. Yesterday Tory Lanez’s lawyer released some EXPLOSIVE evidence, that could exonerate Tory Lanez in his shooting case against Megan.

And ever since the evidence was leaked, MTO News has learned that social media has turned on Megan.

When Megan first spoke out about the shooting, and blamed Tory for it – social media was riding for the beautiful female rapper. Tory’s social media comments were flooded with negative messages, and fans began boycotting his shows.

After yesterday’s expose however people have begun to TURN ON MEGAN.

As MTO News has been reporting, Megan has said from the beginning – that Tory shot her. But with each day, as more evidence gets released, it seems more and more unlikely that, that actually happened. And social media smells blood in the water.

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Yesterday hundreds of people on Twitter began calling Megan Thee Stallion “Megan Smullet” – comparing her to actor Jussie Smollet, who was convicted of committing a “hoax” robbery in Chicago. Some are even calling for her to be “arrested” for false charges, if it turns out that Tory is innocent.

According to Tory’s lawyer Shawn Holley, police have located an independent witness – i.e. someone NOT connected to Tory Lanez, or Megan – who says they saw Meg fighting with her friend before the shooting. That same witness claims that the gunshot appeared to come from Meg’s friend and not Tory.

Shawn Holley also claims that Meg’s friend had gunshot residue on her hands.

If everything Shawn Holley says about the incident is true, they might as well drop the charges against Tory Lanez right now.

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